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As a software technology professional with enthusiastic attitude, I deliver practical and dynamic solutions according to needs and situation of clients, so as to deliver optimized value for supporting their business growth.

Access is Denied for .msi File Resolved

When trying to double click a .msi file, there may be nothing to happen. Okay, let’s try to execute it through command line. >the_msi_file.msiAccess is denied Oops! This happened even I tried to use local administrator account. After searching around … Continue reading

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Skype WiFi on the Go

When you wish to connect to the Internet where your primary provider’s network is not available, one of the options for you is to use Skype WiFi. Unlike roaming services, Skype WiFi allows you to have a better control on … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Blogging

Imagine if there is no record for those happening in the past, there is limited or no reference by word of mouth, experience or own memory. However, even history could be mistaken due to preference, intention or any erroneous facts. … Continue reading

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