Access is Denied for .msi File Resolved

When trying to double click a .msi file, there may be nothing to happen. Okay, let’s try to execute it through command line.

Access is denied

Oops! This happened even I tried to use local administrator account.

After searching around the web, I figured out the solution by myself.

>msiexec /i the_msi_file.msi

Great! It works for those accounts have administrator’s right for me.

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Skype WiFi on the Go

When you wish to connect to the Internet where your primary provider’s network is not available, one of the options for you is to use Skype WiFi. Unlike roaming services, Skype WiFi allows you to have a better control on how the network is connected. For example, you may just wish to check your email for a few minutes, in this case, you may not wish to pay the connection fee for a whole day where Skype WiFi could help.

skype-wifi-iconIn order to be able to use Skype WiFi, you must first to have a registered Skype Name or Microsoft Account, then download and install the Skype WiFi app on the App Store, and sign in with your account. Once you are ready, you could connect to any network available in which Skype WiFi is supported around you.

When the Skype WiFi app is ready where you don’t have any network connected

Go to Settings > WiFi and connect to a network where Skype WiFi is supported

Go back to the Skype WiFi app and it will automatically detect the network connection

It will ask you if you would like to connect to the WiFi network through Skype WiFi

Click the Connect button if you wish to connect the WiFi network and you are ready to go

Alternatively, if you are already connected to a WiFi network, the Skype WiFi may prompt

Good luck and wish you have an enjoyable journey!

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Thoughts on Blogging

Imagine if there is no record for those happening in the past, there is limited or no reference by word of mouth, experience or own memory. However, even history could be mistaken due to preference, intention or any erroneous facts. With this blog, I am going to share those I know from my daily lives.

As a collection of my memories, I hope there could be a value for those who are seeking for a true reference in the future. Of course, I am not a great man but at least I could try what I could do. That is what I think on the blogging.

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